Photo management on the PC with the great photo manager – free download

Photo management easy and fast
Anyone who likes to photograph knows the problem with photo management. The memory cards of today’s cameras are large, so you happily photographed on it. At the home PC you download the photos from the camera and forget about the photo manager software and delete them from the memory card of the camera. After the next photo session, you then load all the photos back into the computer, including those of the previous session. So you have a lot of duplicate files. The names of the photo files have no meaning and the folder structure is quickly confusing, which makes manual photo management extremely difficult.

Photo management for your photos – very easy to use

Arrange and delete duplicate photos using the photo manager
With this photo management software, you can manage your photos quickly and easily. After a while, large amounts of digital photos land on your computer. Quick loses the overview and finds a mess of duplicate photos or multiple existing folder. Or the names of the folders do not match, there is no reasonable folder structure left. If you are looking for a single photo, you have found the solution with SortPix. First, create folder structures and then drag photos with the mouse to organize them. Quickly bring overview to your hard drive. This includes a function of the photo manager software, which searches for duplicate photos and can delete them if desired.

Photo management for Windows 10 and Windows 7

Which version of Windows the photo management software runs on
SortPix XL runs on all Windows versions and is an application in the category of photo and cataloging tools, which in turn belongs to the category of graphic apps. The app is currently available in English and German. The photo manager software can be operated with all, even older Windows versions. The use is not only possible as a photo manager Windows 10, but also as a photo manager Windows 7.

Features of photo management software:

  • Move and sort photos between the two windows via drag and drop
  • Move photos, rename them, copy and rotate photos
  • View EXIF Data of photos
  • Duplicate photo finder and easily create folder structures
  • Specify different folders for all your photos
  • For a quick way of working, you can use it completely with the keyboard.

A comfortable photo manager software for perfect photo management

Photo management becomes very easy with the photo manager.

This photo manager software allows sort photo collections efficiently. Photos are moved to the folders with the mouse, duplicates are quickly found and, if desired, immediately moved to the trash. The work is made easier by a two-window view, in which one quickly recognizes differences. If you want, you can create a slide show of selected photos with just a few mouse clicks. The photo manager software has an ingenious interface that allows even beginners to get along quickly with this photo management. The user does not need to have IT skills.

Photo management with the photo manager software for Windows

The photo management software offers good features and is above all very clear to use
As an application for photo management, the software includes many tools to optimally support the user in his work and not lose track. It brings back order quickly into every large photo collection thanks to the clearly designed user interface. In the two-window view you can see the source on the left. The folder structure is clearly displayed on the right. By moving individual folders, you can easily create a new structure. Of course, you quickly recognize duplicate photos, which you can also delete immediately. In addition to numerous tools, photo manager also provides help texts and the otherwise intuitive user interface of this photo manager ask questions.